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TNV electronic

Since 1972, TNV-electronic has been supplying electronic controls and monitoring parts for the industry.

We have a large-scale of products on the shelf in automatics for doors and gates.

aims to be a professional subcontractor/sparring partner for/with our customers so that these will actually see our company as part of their own organization.

Customer defined controls

Radio remote control

Door control

Unlimited numbers of applications in: Industrial purpose  - agri-culture  - Shipping etc.

Complete programme of transmitters and recievers in  40-433-868MHz


TNV manufactures different kind of control-systems for industrial doors and gates

we are able to deliver controlsystems to the smallest hinged-door as well as to the largest aircraft-door.


development and manufacturing of electronic units to meet customer specifications and requirements in close co-operation with the customer


TNV-electronic a/s   -    Lægårdsvej 9   -    DK - 8520 Lystrup   -    tlf. +45 86 57 00 22   -    fax. +45 86 57 00 70   -    email : tnv@tnv.dk
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